International Brands
  • 7DAYS
  • Fineti
  • Chipicao
Chipita is one of the fastest growing food industries, offering internationally recognized brands of products to consumers of 65 countries, either on its own or via strategic partnerships.

Local Brands

  • Molto
  • Spin Span
  • Chipita Chips
  • Tsipers
  • Extra

Our products around the world

Chipita offers its products, manufactured by 18 plants in 10 different countries, to the consumers of 65 countries in total, either on its own or through strategic partnerships.

    Own Subsidiaries
    Joint Ventures
    7DAYS Borseto

    7DAYS Borseto

    Contact Us

    12th km National Road Athens - Lamia
    144 52 Metamorfosi, Attiki Greece
    Tel.: +30 210 2885000, Fax: +30 210 2885036