Chipita was established in Greece in 1973 as a company producing and marketing savoury snacks. Our main products back then were our Extra cheese-flavoured corn snacks, subsequently followed as of 1988 by potato chips. 

In 1991 saw the arrival on the market of our 7DAYS croissant- individually packaged baked snack with long shelf life- followed shortly thereafter by the 7DAYS mini croissants.

A few years later - in 1995 - our innovative savoury Bake Rolls hit the markets, rapidly establishing themselves as consumers favourite.

At about the same time, Chipita started to establish itself as the international company it remains today, either by setting up its own subsidiaries or by entering into strategic partnerships either with major international or with strong local companies. 

Thus, Chipita has been operating outside Greece since 1996 by setting up manufacturing plants in Egypt and Bulgaria, followed by Poland, Romania, Russia and Saudi Arabia and more recently Turkey, Malaysia, Mexico and India. During the same period, Chipita also set up commercial offices in 8 countries - Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus and the UK. 

Chipita is currently present internationally in 3 major product groups- croissants and similar dough products, bread based baked snacks (Bake Rolls) and other products.

Our goods, produced in 13 manufacturing plants in 10 different countries, are delivered to consumers in a total of 56 countries, either directly or indirectly through strategic partnerships. 

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