Our values

Our values are reflected in the responsibility we feel towards our employees, consumers and the environment, determining our every corporate decision and activity. 

  • Quality
We use only the finest raw materials in order to provide our consumers with products of high nutritional value. We enforce rigorous control systems certified internationally by reputable global organisations. 

  • Trust and Integrity
We aim to build relationships of mutual trust with our consumers as well as our associates both inside and outside the company. The integrity and respect we show towards our investors and the operators and communities with which we interact are instrumental in building and maintaining solid and lasting relations. 

  • Business ethics
Since the company was first established 40 years ago we have been committed to sound entrepreneurship, striving for transparency, meritocracy and ethical correctness at all levels.

  • Innovation and on-going improvement 
Our company was established and continues to build upon the principle of innovation. We create innovative products tailored to the new dietary needs and contemporary lifestyle of our consumers. We ensure the on-going improvement of our products and processes by investing in research and technology. 

  • Social and environmental responsibility 
In seeking to achieve sustainable development, we draw on research and technology to support our forward-looking and responsibly sensitive attitude towards the environment and society in general.

  • Legal compliance
As our company has an active presence on various markets internationally we pay particular attention to ensuring full compliance with the legislation in force in each country. We are bound by our code of ethics to act honestly and with a sense of social responsibility, abiding by the law of each state and fulfilling all related tax obligations.